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Molutrex is a leading treatment for molluscum contagiosum. It's simple to apply to adults and children over 2 years of age and produces rapid results.


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How to buy Molutrex
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Molluscum contagiosum is a highly contagious viral skin condition.

It can affect both adults and children with well over half of the patients being aged 2-11 years.

The blisters are easy to diagnose and will disappear on their own in the majority of cases.

However this can take up to 2 years and many people are unwilling to leave ….

The active ingredient used in Molutrex has been the subject of a number of studies across the world

Doctors have found that when used once or twice a day the blisters start to disappear in a matter of days
Studies and graphic representations of Molluscum contagiosum

and many patients become free of the blisters within a few weeks.

Treatment is easy to follow and unlikely to cause significant discomfort to the patient. For the first time here.

We know you will have questions. With so many companies offering instant cures over the internet it is important that you fully understand both the cause of the condition and why Molutrex can help.

We've put together an extensive information section which you can access by clicking the read more button below.

If we’ve missed anything out then contact us directly for an answer.
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